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Google Image Search API

SERPMaster’s Google Image Search API is a tool dedicated to quickly and easily scrape Google images. Submit a request and get real-time data for the lowest price.

Google Image Search API Features

Easy setup process, ability to tailor requests, and getting data in real-time are just a few reasons why businesses choose SERPMaster.

Enjoy 100% success

Setting up and using SERPMaster’s Google Images API is easy. We manage the infrastructure maintenance on our end, so you won’t have to deal with CAPTCHA, IP bans, or SERP layout changes – enjoy a 100% success rate and focus on data analysis.

Tailor requests

Our tool allows you to send highly customized requests and get the specific data needed on a city, country, or coordinate level. Choose browser, device, and location parameters and we’ll deliver search results accordingly. 

Manage expenses

With a risk of unexpected costs arising from request failures, it’s difficult to properly plan your budget. SERPMaster charges for successful results only, helping you to plan your budget and stay within scale.

Get real-time data

We all know how important the accuracy of data is. Thanks to SERPMaster’s ability to retrieve up-to-date Google search result data, you can quickly detect where counterfeits of your product are sold and proceed with legal action. 

Easy Integration

Getting started with our Google Search Images API is as easy as typing in an URL. Copy the URL provided, type in your access token and query into your browser’s address bar and the requested data will be delivered in an HTML format.

Python, PHP, cURL and Node.js integration options are also available for our Google Search Image API.

For more information, check out our Google API documentation.,Germany&parse=true&tbm=isch&access_token=[Enter_access_token]

What Companies Use Google Image Search API For

By delivering up-to-date Google search results, we help companies to protect their products or services from being stolen.


SERPMaster helps companies to scrape Google images and detect where counterfeit products are sold at.

Learn more.

Piracy detection

With SERPMaster’s Google Image Search API, developers, publishers, and other creators can prevent digital pirates from illegally distributing their work. 

Learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SERPMaster’s Google Image Search API?

SERPMaster Google Image API is a tool that delivers scraped SERP data from Google Images in raw HTML format. Users simply send requests (see the Integration section) to our endpoint and we deliver the data based on parameter values included in the initial request.

How to use your Google Image Search API?

First, sign up for a free trial or pick a plan here – we’ll email you the authentication details. Then, choose your preferred integration method: Browser, Python, PHP, CURL, or Node. Afterward, submit a request including the mandatory parameters and additional ones if needed. The list of parameters can be found here.

Get a Custom Plan

If none of our pricing plans work for you, drop us a message and we'll find the best solution together.

SERPMaster is a powerful, all-in-one tool for scraping SERPs. Submit a custom request and we'll deliver data accordingly.

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