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Google Scholar API

Google Scholar API is an advanced tool designed to collect data from one of the most used academic search engines in the world – Google Scholar. Get our real-time SERP scraper and send highly customizable requests to our endpoint to get the citations, title, authors, descriptions, and all the data you need.

Google Scholar API Features

Get any scraped data from Google Scholar in real-time without interruptions.

Global location coverage

Our Google Scholar citations API can deliver SERPs from anywhere in the world with a 100% extraction success rate. Send requests on a country, city or coordinate level to get geo-accurate data.

No CAPTCHAs and IP bans

Forget about dealing with CAPTCHAs and recurring IP blocks when using our Google Scholar API. Utilize our simple to use API to get the google scholar authors, descriptions, citations, or any data you need.

Save your time and money

SERPMaster charges less for the same amount of results compared to other providers. Moreover, our team handles proxy management for you. Save money and time without compromising on data quality. 

Easy Integration

Integrating any SERPMaster API is as simple as building a URL. Copy the URL provided in the Browser section, edit the query (“q”) to suit your needs, add your access token and press “Enter”. Our API will deliver results straight into your browser.

Python, PHP, cURL and Node.js integration options are also available for our APIs.

For more information, check out our Google API documentation!,Germany&access_token=[Enter_access_token]

Our Google APIs

Google Reverse Image Search API

Get scraped data from our Google Reverse Image Search API in raw HTML format.

Google Shopping API

Retrieve SERPs from Shopping by sending requests to our Google Shopping API.

Google News API

Receive data from our Google News API by sending requests to our endpoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SERPMaster's Scholar API?

SERPMaster's Scholar API is a tool that delivers scraped SERP data and citations from Google Scholar. Data is delivered based on highly customizable requests sent to our endpoint by users.

Why do you need a Google Scholar API?

Google Scholar is one of the most used academic search engines and one of the biggest academic databases in the world. Mostly, information from Google Scholar is used for academic purposes. You can collect different types of data, such as title, link, snippet, citations, publication, etc.

How do I get data from Google Scholar?

If you’re interested in collecting data from Google Scholar, our API, specifically designed for this target, is a solution for your needs. 

Starting using our Google Scholar API is easy. First, you can sign up for a free trial or pick a plan here. You’ll get an email from us with the authentication details. Then, you’ll need to choose your preferred integration method: Browser, Python, PHP, CURL, or Node. Afterward, submit a request including the mandatory parameters and additional ones if needed. You can find the list of parameters in our documentation.

Get a Custom Plan

If none of our pricing plans work for you, drop us a message and we'll find the best solution together.

SERPMaster is a powerful, all-in-one tool for scraping SERPs. Submit a custom request and we'll deliver data accordingly.

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