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Google Search API

Use our Google Search Result API and get data from a fast and reliable SERPs scraper. Our SERP API allows retrieving data in real-time from any location, device, and browser in structured JSON or raw HTML format.

Google Search API Features

Use SERPMaster's Google Search Result API and get parsed or raw SERP data. Send a request to our SERP API, and we'll deliver data based on preferred browser, device, or location settings.

Unrivaled Success Rate

Our Google Search Engine API guarantees a 100% extraction success rate. We take care of CAPTCHAs, retries, and proxies to deliver data without downtime.

Localized & Structured SERPs

SERPMaster delivers SERPs from any location on a country, city and coordinate level. Our Google Search API also supports any browser or device.

Easy Integration

Integrating our Google Search API is as easy as typing in a browser URL. Simply copy the provided URL, adjust the query by changing the “q” value and type in your access token.

Integration options for Python, PHP, cURL and Node.js are available for our Google Search API as well.

For more information, check out our Google API documentation!,Germany&parse=true&access_token=1234abcd

Our Google APIs

Google Image API

Get scraped data from our Google Image API in raw HTML format.

Google Scholar API

Scraped publication data from Scholar through our Google Scholar API.

Google News API

Retrieve parsed JSON or raw HTML data with our Google News API.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SERPMaster Google Search API?

Our Google Search API is a tool that delivers scraped SERPs data according to requests sent to our endpoint. Requests can be modified in order to retrieve data based on location, device, browser and many other parameters.

How to start sending requests to SERPMaster?

The Quick Start Guide for our SERP API has all the information needed to start sending requests to our endpoint! If any additional issues arise, contact our support team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What if I reach my request limit but need more volume?

Monthly request limits can be raised once a month by buying a top-up. For even larger volumes, contact us through our inquiry form to receive a custom offer!

Will invalid requests count towards my monthly limit?

No, invalid requests are discarded as only successfully delivered results are counted towards the monthly limit.

How can I check my monthly statistics?

Send a GET request to to retrieve your monthly statistics.

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