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Google Shopping API

SERPMaster Google Shopper API that delivers data from SERPs in real time, from any location, device, and browser. Easily predict your monthly expenditure by taking advantage of our monthly plans.

Google Shopping Search API Features

Get high quality data from our customizable Google Product Search API

Localized Results

Our Google Product API can deliver results from any location in the world. Requests can be tailored to include geo-location on a country, city or coordinate level.


SERPMaster Google Shopping APIs deliver data without downtime. CAPTCHAs, proxy management and our retry system guarantees that all requests are completed.

Product Data

Our SERP scraper retrieves and delivers pricing and other relevant product details that appear in Google Shopping.

Easy Integration

Integrating SERPMaster in order to search shopping results is easy as data can be delivered to your browser! Simply copy the URL provided in the Browser tab, edit the “q” to match the desired query and add your access token. Press “Enter” and the results will be displayed after extraction has been completed.

Our APIs also support integration through Python, PHP, cURL, and Node.js!

For additional information, check out our Google API documentation!,Germany&parse=true&access_token=[Enter_access_token]

Our Google APIs

Google Scholar API

Retrieve publication and citation data by using Google Scholar API.

Google Image API

Scrape Google Images with our Google Image API and receive real time data in raw HTML format

Google News API

Get results and data from any location in real time by sending requests to our Google News API.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SERPMaster Shopping API?

SERPMaster Google Shopping List API delivers scraped results from Google based on the requests sent by our users. Users can send highly customized requests (including location, device, browser and many other parameters) and we retrieve the data for them.

How to get started with SERPMaster?

See our Quick Start Guide! We also have our SERPMaster Full Walkthrough available if a more detailed approach is needed.

What if I need more volume?

We allow for once-a-month top-ups to increase your limits. For higher monthly needs, contact us to receive a custom plan.

Will invalid requests be added to my monthly limit?

No, we only price successfully delivered results, therefore failed requests will not be added towards your monthly limit.

How do I find out my monthly usage statistics?

You can query your monthly usage statistics by sending a GET request to

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