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Google Shopping API

Google Shopping API is a tool that enables you to collect real-time product data, such as pricing and reviews, from Google SERP results. Our Google Shopper API delivers data from SERPs from any location, device, and browser. Easily predict your monthly expenditure by taking advantage of our monthly plans.

Google Shopping API Features

Get high-quality product data from our customizable Google Product Search API. SERPMaster’s Google Shopping API will save your resources and do the hard work for you.

Localized results

Our Google Product API can deliver results from any location in the world. Requests can be tailored to include geo-location on a country, city or coordinate level.

Effortless CAPTCHA solving

Our Google Shopping APIs deliver data without downtime. CAPTCHAs, proxy management and our retry system guarantees that all requests are completed at a 100% success rate.

Seamless product data collection

Our SERP scraper retrieves and delivers pricing, descriptions, titles, reviews, and other relevant product details that appear in Google Shopping.

Simple integration

With our Google Shopping Content API, you will not need to worry about developing and maintaining your own scraper. Employ your resources wisely – we will take care of the maintenance part for you. 

Easy Integration

Integrating SERPMaster in order to search shopping results is easy as data can be delivered to your browser. Simply copy the Google Merchant API URL provided in the Browser tab, edit the query parameter (“q”) to match the desired query and add your access token. Press “Enter” and the results will be displayed after extraction has been completed.

Our APIs also support integration through Python, PHP, cURL, and Node.js.

For additional information, check out our Google API documentation.,Germany&parse=true&access_token=[Enter_access_token]

What Can You Use Google Shopping API For?

SERPMaster helps companies to track their competitor pricing and stay informed if their product counterfeits are sold online.

Price Monitoring

Use SERPMaster’s Google Shopping API to efficiently track price changes and obtain up-to-date, trustworthy pricing data from Google Shopping.

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Our Google Shopping API will help you safeguard your products from being illegally reproduced and sold.

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Retrieve publication and citation data by using Google Scholar API.

Google Image API

Scrape Google Images with our Google Image API and receive real time data in raw HTML format

Google News API

Get results and data from any location in real time by sending requests to our Google News API.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SERPMaster's Shopping API?

SERPMaster’s Google Shopping List API delivers scraped results from Google based on the requests sent by our users. Users can send highly customized requests (including location, device, browser, and many other parameters), and we retrieve the data for them.

How do I use Google Shopping API?

After creating a Google Merchant Center account, you’ll need to upload the product data feed to be able to launch a Shopping Ads campaign. There are several ways to do it – a manual upload from a local file, via Google Sheet, via scheduled fetches, through a supported e-commerce platform or by developing an API content. The latter option is the most automated and most efficient.

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If none of our pricing plans work for you, drop us a message and we'll find the best solution together.

SERPMaster is a powerful, all-in-one tool for scraping SERPs. Submit a custom request and we'll deliver data accordingly.

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