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Google Trends API

Google Trends indicates search frequency of any given keyword during a specific time frame in any country. The platform contains data from different categories and web search types; it also shows the interest rate in related topics and queries. To acquire this information on a large scale, marketers use SERPMaster – our Google Trends API delivers search frequency data from any location or device. 

Google Trends API Features

Our tool scrapes trending searches from any location, browser, or device. Submit a request to get city or country-level search data today.

Enjoy 100% success

Having to deal with CAPTCHAs and IP bans is the downside of scraping Google data. Luckily, with SERPMaster, you won’t have to worry about accessing the content you need – we'll take care of this part so you can scrape search trends with a 100% success rate.

Tailor your requests

With our tool, you can narrow down the scraping  process and get the exact search trends needed. Select your preferred location, device, or browser, and we’ll deliver the data accordingly, enabling you to dive deep into your customers’ interests. 

Manage your expenses

Compared to other scraping services, SERPMaster charges less for the same amount of data, allowing you to save money without compromising on quality. As our customer, you pay for successful requests only, so there won’t be any risk of unexpected expenses. 

Scrape real-time data

Our API offers an easy way to return the requested trending searches data. Thanks to accurate, up-to-date information, you can analyze what your target audience is searching for and adjust your efforts accordingly. 

Easy Integration

Using SERPMaster’s Google Trends data API is easy. Simply copy the URL provided in the “Browser” section, change the query (“q=”) to match your needs and add in your access token. Data will be delivered in the same tab. 

Integrations are available for Python, PHP, cURL, and Node.js. For more information, check out our Google API documentation,Germany&parse=true&access_token=[Enter_access_token]

What Companies Use Google Trends API For

Having trending searches available on demand allows businesses to better understand what their audience is curious about.

Keyword research

Use our Google Trend API and optimize your SEO performance by analyzing search query frequency.

Learn more.

Sentiment analysis

With our Google Search Trends API, you can see how often specific terms associated with your brand were searched for. 
Learn more.

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In our Google SERP Database, we store historical SERP data from multiple search types, including News and Shopping. 

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With our Google Autocomplete API,  you can  scrape the automatically-generated search predictions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SERPMaster's Google Trends API?

It’s a tool that delivers large volumes of trending searches data. As a customer, you have to submit a request selecting your preferred browser, device, and location, and we’ll deliver the data accordingly.

How do I use your Google Trends API?

To start scraping Google keywords trends data, first, sign up for a free trial or pick a plan here – we’ll email you the authentication details. Then, choose your preferred integration method: Browser, Python, PHP, CURL, or Node. Afterward, submit a request including mandatory parameters and additional ones if you wish. The list of parameters can be found in our documentation here

Get a Custom Plan

If none of our pricing plans work for you, drop us a message and we'll find the best solution together.

SERPMaster is a powerful, all-in-one tool for scraping SERPs. Submit a custom request and we'll deliver data accordingly.

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