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SERPMaster’s SEO API Solution 

To master their SEO strategy, online businesses need fresh and accurate SEO data. SERPMaster’s SEO API can be used to extract such data: we automatically deliver large volumes of Google search results in real-time.

How our SEO API Works

SERPMaster’s SEO checker delivers Google search query results based on the submitted request: select parameters such as location, device, and language to get the specific data needed.

Get Keyword Suggestions

Use our SEO keyword monitor tool to do thorough keyword research and find hundreds of new related search queries on any topic.

Track Search Engine Rankings

Measure your website’s progress and keep an eye on the competition – our tool helps with competitor SEO tracking and search engine rank monitoring. 

Access Historical Keyword Data

Our SERP database stores 12-month-old Google SERP data, allowing SEO specialists to get historical search results for any query.

Why SEO experts choose SERPMaster

SERPMaster’s SEO API is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized online businesses or SEO agencies: it delivers keyword rankings and suggestions with a 100% success rate, ensuring cost efficiency.

Our Google APIs

Google Scholar API

Retrieve data on scientific publications from our specialized Google Scholar API.

Google Image API

Scrape data with our Google Image API and receive SERPs in an HTML format.

Google Search API

Get any data you need from regular search by using our Google Search API.

Added benefits of SERPMaster as an SEO API

Structured JSON Data

Get SEO data in a structured JSON format, easily analyze and store it for future uses. 

All Google Product and Feature Data

Scrape all SERP features and Google products (e.g., News and Shopping) to access fresh and accurate SEO data. 

Global Locations Available

Retrieve SEO data from anywhere in the world based on a city, country, or coordinate level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SERPMaster’s SEO API?

Our SEO API is a tool that online businesses and SEO agencies use to retrieve data from Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs, in short.)

What to use SERPMaster’s SEO API for?

SERPMaster allows you to track rankings for specific queries, generate new keyword suggestions, and access 12-month-old SERP data.

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