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SERP Database

Looking for a way to find historical Google search results for specific queries? Browse our SERP database to retrieve past keyword data or other historical results.

Our SERPs Database Features

With our SERPs database, you can set time and location parameters to get the specific historical data needed.

Over 440M Results

In our SERP database, we keep over 440M search records, ensuring you’ll get the accurate data you need.  

Hyper-Local SERPs

We’ve collected SERP results from all over the world, allowing you to pick a particular location on a country, city, or coordinate level. 

12-Month Old Data

Got a specific time frame in mind? Pick any 30-day (or longer) period from the last 12 months, and we’ll deliver SERP data for it. 

Structured Data in JSON

For your convenience, we’ll deliver the data in JSON format, allowing you to easily store it for future use. To get a better picture, reach out via the contact form below: we’ll send a sample!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum payment and amount of data you have to get?

Yes, the entry SERP database fee is $200 for 4M search results. You can technically request less than 4M results, but we’d have to charge the difference.

How do you pay for results from different locations?

Results from different countries are priced separately: i.e., if you get <4M results from 2 different countries, we’ll charge the minimum $200 fee for each country.

I don’t need the whole number of results available in X country. Can I get only half of it?

There’s no option to get only a portion of currently available results from your selected country.

I’ve decided to buy SERP results from X and Z countries – how do we proceed?

Please fill out the form below, letting us know the country and the time frame you need data from, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Get the Historical SERP Data

Send us a message and we'll discuss your data requirements.

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