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Anti-counterfeiting helps companies stop counterfeiters illegally reproducing and selling their products. To help brands protect themselves, anti-counterfeiting services use SERPMaster: by scanning SERPs at scale, we deliver accurate, real-time product data. 

Anti-Counterfeiting Challenges

By scanning the web, anti-counterfeiting solutions gather data and look for websites that fakes are sold on. However, there are a few issues anti-counterfeiting providers may run into.

Retrieving Google Shopping Data

Security measures that Google uses to stop malicious bots from scraping it may result in good bots getting blocked, too. Thus, it gets challenging to acquire counterfeit product data. 

Delivering Data Consistently

Due to infringers frequently changing product information, it gets difficult for anti-counterfeiting tools to ensure consistent data delivery across numerous marketplaces. 

Providing Localized Results

Google displays search results depending on the location one resides at. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting services must be able to retrieve accurate data from any location. 

SERPMaster for Anti-Counterfeiting

SERPMaster is ideal for those looking to prevent counterfeiting: by scraping Google search results at scale, we deliver global data across all SERP features. 

  • Cheapest data on the market 
  • Hyper-localized results from anywhere in the world
  • 100% success rate in data delivery

Added Benefits of SERPMaster

All SERP Feature Scraping

Being able to scrape all SERP features, we deliver data on any requested search result. 

Structured Data in JSON

Select a specific city or country to extract data from, and we’ll deliver it in JSON format.

100% Success Rate

By taking care of IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, and other restrictions, we ensure a stable data delivery process.

Get a Custom Plan

If none of our pricing plans work for you, drop us a message and we'll find the best solution together.

SERPMaster is a powerful, all-in-one tool for scraping SERPs. Submit a custom request and we'll deliver data accordingly.

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