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Anti-Piracy Solution

Anti-piracy solutions help publishers, developers, and content creators to fight digital pirates sharing their work illegally. To detect these violations, piracy protection vendors use tools like SERPMaster, allowing them to scrape Google data at scale.  

Anti-Piracy Challenges

By scanning the web, anti-piracy tools help detect copyright infringement cases. Yet, there are a few issues these tools may run into.

Acquiring Google Data

Google uses various security techniques to stop malicious bots from scraping its pages. Because of that, good bots can get blocked, too,  making it difficult for anti-piracy tools to gather data.

Providing Localized Results

Search results displayed to a visitor vary depending on their physical location. Therefore, an anti-piracy vendor must be able to deliver localized data from any country.

Delivering Data Consistently

Pirated content spreads through the web rapidly. Hence, companies that provide movie or music anti-piracy services may have trouble gathering accurate, up-to-date information. 

SERPMaster for Anti-Piracy Protection

SERPMaster is the ideal solution for software, music, or movie anti-piracy vendors: by delivering fresh global data, we help businesses detect illegally distributed content. 

  • Cheapest data on the market 
  • Hyper-localized results from anywhere in the world
  • 100% success rate in data delivery

Added Benefits of SERPMaster

100% success rate

By taking care of IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, and other restrictions, we guarantee a 100% success rate at data delivery. 

Localized, Structured Data

Get structured Google search data formatted in JSON on a country, state, city or coordinate-level. 

All SERP feature scraping

By scraping all SERP features, we provide data on any requested search result, allowing anti-piracy vendors to ensure full protection. 

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