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Scraping for Sentiment Analysis 

Sentiment analysis is a process used to extract and identify emotions and opinions towards a brand or a service. It allows businesses to analyze a large number of reviews, social media posts, or news headlines at once and tailor their products to customer needs. To get this data, companies need a reliable, automated scraping solution that delivers large volumes of Google search results. 

Sentiment Analysis Challenges

Gathering data for sentiment analysis can get tricky: there are a few issues and challenges businesses may run into.

Data extraction

Scraping Google data isn’t easy: you may bump into CAPTCHAs and IP blocks along the way. 

How can we help?

We do scraper maintenance on our end so you won’t have to deal with these issues.

Regular delivery

Generating accurate insights on consumer opinions requires consistent real-time data delivery.

How can we help?

We guarantee regular data delivery you can stay on top of customer reviews and opinions.

Result localization

Google displays search results according to your location. To get the full picture, accessing global data is essential.

How can we help?

We deliver country or city-level data from anywhere in the world.

Google News API

Choose Google News API For Sentiment Analysis

SERPMaster’s Google News API is an ideal solution for sentiment analysis. Businesses use the scraped data to identify dominant emotions behind reviews, predict future trends in the stock market, and more.

  • Real-time data
  • No CAPTCHAs or IP bans
  • Country or city-level results 
  • 100% success rate 
  • Consistent data delivery

Added Benefits of SERPMaster

Multiple Google APIs

By offering multiple Google APIs, we help businesses to scrape data from all search engine points.

Thorough documentation

To make the scraping process easy and smooth, SERPMaster offers detailed documentation. 

Rich result scraping

We deliver paid and organic results and scrape all SERP features (i.e., knowledge panels, People Also Ask boxes, etc.) 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a dataset for sentiment analysis?

For that, you can use a data scraping tool that’s able to acquire large amounts of data. For example, if you want to scrape large amounts of news headlines and generate stock market predictions, you can use SERPMaster’s Google News API. 

How to scrape for sentiment analysis?

To get data for sentiment analysis, you can build a custom scraper or use a third-party tool like SERPMaster. It will deliver data in a structured JSON or raw HTML format which you can then use for the analysis itself. 

Can you scrape tweets for sentiment analysis with SERPMaster?

With our tool, you can scrape tweets that are displayed in Google search result pages. 

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